Order processing options

We have worked on optimizing the replacement process as much as possible, especially for your leather seat covers. Therefore, we have introduced two models:

•    Trade Old for New
•    Trade New for Old

Trade Model "Old for New":

With this option, no deposit is required and no additional costs arise.

If you have questions and if you do not possess a fitting package for the delivery, please contact us.

  1. You acquire the desired seat covers and pay the full purchase price.  
  2.  Send us your old seats or deliver them to us personally.  
  3. We exchange the old covers for the new ones and send them back to you, or make an appointment with you to collect them.

Trade Model "New for Old":

  1. You acquire the desired seat covers and pay the full purchase price, with the additional deposit for the seats (the amount varies for individual car manufacturers and models).
  2. We send you the upholstered and newly covered seats.
  3. You install the seats and send us your old ones back in the same package. It does not matter what material your old seats were made of, as long as they can be easily reused. If you have any doubts, please contact us first. 
  4. As soon as your old seats arrive, we immediately return the deposit. If the transaction has been completed by bank transfer, we ask you to include your banking information with your old seats.