MA-Carstyles uses exclusively high-quality leathers which are also used in regular serial production of leading car manufacturers. 

Car Leather

This material is made 100% from leather and is made specifically for car interiors. It is durable and long-lasting.

Perforated Car Leather

Perforation makes this leather not only more comfortable, but also helps the material breathe, especially in the back and sitting area.

Upholstery Leather

This material is also made exclusively from leather, but was originally intended for upholstery furniture. It has similar characteristics to car leather, including its durability and longevity.

Car Pleather

We use a special kind of synthetic leather, which is a common material for car interiors by common manufacturers.

Carabu by enoâ Aqua clean

Carabu is a certified microfiber material which is known for its comfortable velour-esque texture and high durability. Stains can be easily removed with water, thus it is perfect for car interiors.The easiest way to clean your seats – with water. Enoâ Aqua clean-Carabu 
Weight: 665g/running meter
Width: 140 cm
Abrasion resistance: >90 000
Materials: 8% cotton, 16% polyester, 21% polyamide, 55% acrylic
Cleaning instructions: Laundry 40°C, Ironing on a low setting, dry cleaning is possible
Environmental impact: certifiably eco-friendly (free of harming substances)


Since many car manufacturers have used fabric-leather combinations for their interiors, we offer authentic replacements to uphold the tradition.